Jim A.

My Family chose Mark to put our mother's home on the market in 2018. It was not a simple assignment. At first pass we all had these grand notions (unrealistic) about how quickly it might sell, and for what lovely price. And then we began to discover the various flaws and limitations. Mark was patient, thorough, and very diplomatic as our expectations did need to be adjusted to the reality & potential costs and risks in timing & pricing. He spent a great deal of time researching to assess the best ways to present our property to the Market through his Top Agent Network as well has through his many good realtor relationships. He did a great job and exhibited a natural professionalism and care for us as his clients. Bottom line? We got a great price and every one of us felt he did a great job. (That doesn't happen among heirs very often) Good man to know - and I've known him for about 15 years.

Andreas L.

10 years after purchasing my first SF home with Mark as a buyers agent, I decided (after interviewing several other agents) to work with Mark again to sell the property. Mark managed to (again) exceed my already high expectations with his professionalism, deep knowledge of the SF real estate market, negotiation skills and diligence in running the process end to end. Our timelines were tight, a few unforeseen issues popped up and my own availability was limited due to work commitments. Despite all that, Mark managed to stick to the original timelines, ran effective marketing, help prepare the house to an immaculate, absolutely pristine selling condition and negotiated very well to get us the outcome we had hoped for (and more). I have now worked with Mark twice, would work with him anytime again and highly recommend him as a superb choice for SF real estate buying and selling.

Niki K.

We worked with Mark on both the buying and selling side. As a buyers agent, he got us the property we wanted and negotiated great terms for us. His service was great! As a sellers agent, he went above and beyond. We moved out prior to listing and he took care of all aspects including coordinating painting, staging, and cleaning up the place for viewing. He dealt with several issues that arose, always having our back and ensuring our stress level remained low. He got us an amazing price and really worked hard to ensure we were happy!! From both sides of the equation, Mark did all he could to help us and represent our interests! He knows the sf area so well and most other agents! He is the best. We HIGHLY recommend him!!

Jan S.

Mark was the buyer's agent for our first owned property and eminently shepherded us through the crazy market. He helped scope out our goals and patiently spent his weekends with us during the exciting time of visiting open houses. We'd been totally lost without Mark during the process. We're extremely happy and grateful for the house we finally purchased, clearly the best of all through the months. Mark's positive personality has likely helped him gaining his wide network of contacts, for example, he found us a great mortgage broker and Mark's recommended property inspector helped us pinpoint important details. In the final paperwork part of the process, it was a huge relief to be guided by Mark's comforting expertise.

Pat W.

We thank you for your professionalism and diligence while working through the many delays on our behalf. It never went unnoticed. We're all happy with the outcome, especially that the family we hoped would get Bill's house did. He would be happy. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and all the best in the New Year.

Li W.

Life gets busy, so when you make a life changing decision, such as purchasing a home in San Francisco, you want a trusted partner. That was Mark Peschel for my wife and I... twice. Mark is dedicated, tenacious and has a solid network of partners. Pleasure to recommend Mark!

Quincy Y.

Mark has been my Realtor for 3 different transactions in San Francisco (purchasing a TIC/condo back in May 2008, purchasing a single family home in Nov 2016, selling my condo in January 2017). He is extremely responsive, knows the SF housing market, and goes the extra mile to support his clients (all while keeping good humor and patience). During my most recent transaction of selling my condo, he helped me achieve great results and price per square foot that I'm very happy with (and also did the little things throughout the process like quickly hiring specialists to investigate urgent issues). I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in SF.

Nicole T.

Mark has been my agent in search of investment properties, and recently sold a building of my Mother's. He consistently presents me with opportunities, and is always willing to do a last minute showing when I find something that needs quick attention. His is very professional while making the entire process pleasant.

Peter W.

Purchasing a home in San Francisco is not for the faint of heart. Navigating the intricacies of this seller's market can be daunting. Mark took the time to listen and understand our needs, wants and must-haves. He educated us about the areas, the selling approaches and patiently and competently answered all our questions. He took the time to drive us around neighborhoods to see how we responded to different homes and shared all the tools we needed so we could do our own research or see places with him at our own pace. When we found the home that we ended up buying, we initially rejected it because it did not have the fancy kitchen or bathroom of the house we just got our most recent offer rejected and we were not able to see the potential. Mark talked to us and carefully coached us in our thinking about the house and during our second visit we saw what an extraordinary home it was. We put our offer in and within 48 hours it got accepted. If it hadn't been for Mark, we would not be in the house we love now. All my interactions with Mark have been nothing but positive and I can wholeheartedly recommend Mark if you're looking for a house or condo in San Francisco.

Sarah R.

Mark was our agent when we bought our first place. We presented him with a challenge in that we had a mid-range budget, NO previous experience with real estate, and we needed enough space for our family of four -- IN San Francisco. Mark was no-pressure from the start and kept reminding us that he wasn't in a rush. He spent so much time educating us on the various options and was an invaluable resource. We couldn't be happier with our new home, and we really could not have done it without his hand holding. With all the information out there, like RedFin and Zillow, I realized how much we still needed someone with expertise and local info. Thanks Mark!

Mike S.

Mark and I have worked together now on 3 transactions. Once as a buyer and twice as a seller. Mark is knowledgeable, experienced in the SF market, and most importantly he listens to and addresses your needs as a buyer or seller. Mark was able to work a great deal on the sale of our house, coordinating the subcontractors to get work done and address some issues that arose. He also coordinated an off market deal to best fit our schedule and meet our price expectations. I would recommend Mark to anyone in the SF market looking to buy or sell.

Louis R.

Mark is exactly what you want in a realtor. He has helped me both buy and sell homes in San Francisco and both times his advice, organizational ability and calmness through the mayhem of the SF real estate market has been invaluable. Most recently my wife and I sold our house in Sunnyside with Mark as our agent. This was a significant project for Mark to manage as at the time we decided to sell there was an ongoing construction project at our house. The initial hope was to go on the market in August around the time we moved to our new home on the peninsula. The construction project dragged on and Mark took on project managing it as well as the painter, stager, kitchen!

Linda P.

Mark was indispensable throughout our very long journey to buying a new home in San Francisco, from start to finish. Because my husband is in the mortgage business, I happen to know a lot of realtors. Mark is absolutely the best. He communicates throughout the process, gets into the details of things (I'm a big picture gal, so I appreciate that), follows up on all issues, even when they should be someone else's job. He uses the phone, email and texting to full effect. Mark has great relationships and resources on his extended team. He has the utmost integrity, and is very knowledgeable about San Francisco real estate. He's smart and not only personable, but actually someone you will consider to be a friend after working with him. I think we were very fortunate to find him.


Mark was fantastic! Professional, knowledgeable, patient and honest. My fiancee and I met Mark at an open house and found Mark to be candid and honest in his assessment of the property and neighborhood that he was showing, so we decided to put Mark to work for us... We had several specific criteria, including future plans for the house, style and of course, a budget... Mark took the time to listen, presented us with opportunities and was patient to listen to our feedback... Mark also educated us through through the process (first time buyers in San Francisco) and left no questions unanswered... Mark is methodical, including highlighting the fine print and working through the mountains of paperwork with us.. I highly recommend Mark and as the rating says.. Woohoo! As good as it gets!

Kevin W.

When my wife and I decided to seriously pursue purchasing a house in San Francisco, we immediately turned to Mark and couldn't be happier with the results. Within weeks, he was able to help us find a property that fit our needs and budget. Through each step in the process, Mark took the time to be sure our questions were answered and any concerns were addressed. As a first time home buyer, it was critical that we be able to trust our agent. We needed to not only be able to trust the answers to questions we asked, but to also trust that he would speak up and advise us on issues that we didn't know enough to consider. Mark surpassed my expectations in this area. His integrity and desire to make sure his clients are satisfied and comfortable shows in everything he does. On top of all this, he's a great guy. You will be very happy if he handles your real estate transaction but you may also find a new friend.

Justin M.

This is your guy. I've worked with a number of real estate agents over the years and can tell you that Mark is the one you want on your side. He has a deep understanding of San Francisco real estate, the nuances of the process, the psychology of buyer's and sellers - both broadly speaking and specifically the mind of the person sitting on the other side of your particular transaction table - and is as quick to respond as you will find in the game. We had a transaction that required quick movement, starting out of the blue on a Sunday, and Mark hustled throughout to have us be first in line at each phase, making what is normally a hugely stressful process more than manageable. We're indebted to Mark for his hard work, experience and awareness of all of the elements that go into the buying and selling process. Again, this is your guy!

Julian D.

I have known Mark for about 5 years, and he helped me purchase 2 condos in San Francisco in the last 2 years. He has been in this market for many years and knows the city and its various real estate nuances very well. Mark is very detail-oriented, patient, helpful and, what's important for me, is willing to adjust to his client's approach/timeline and other requirements. I recommend Mark to anyone looking to invest in San Francisco real estate.

Jennifer T.

Working with Mark was ideal for my family and I, as first time buyers in the SF market. He was very patient, answered all of our many questions in a very timely and understandable manner, and was very pleasant to work with. He had great suggestions for my family and I, and was never pushy or overwhelming, but informative, practical, and supportive instead. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to purchase in SF!


Mark was referred by a trusted friend and has since become my favorite real estate agent in San Francisco. He did an outstanding job not only in guiding me very professionally through my first purchase in SF 2 years ago but has also been a great adviser since then in regards to real estate ownership and development. Compared to numerous other Realtors that I have been in touch with, Mark consults and facilitates but doesn't push or pressure. He is very open and transparent about his own opinion on places - also if it's negative. Mark rocks.

Arleen G.

When I decided to sell my home and listed with Mark, friends and co-workers all said "those agents are just in it for the money," but I can truly say I never felt that way with Mark. Of course, he is making a living, but I always felt he was looking out for my best interests. Not only did he sell my home for well over the asking price in a down market, but he found me a wonderful new place in a neighborhood I never thought I could afford. All through the process of selling my former home and buying the new one, Mark was highly professional and totally responsive at all times and attentive to every detail of the transactions. He was also a resource for numerous purveyors and service providers and was willing to make arrangements and meet with them when needed. Finally, Mark is just a really nice person and a devoted family man. In short, I couldn't be happier with his handling of both my home sale and my home purchase and the results he achieved!


Mark was recommended to me by a family member who purchased a home thanks to his steadfast guidance and is very happy in it. Now I can attest to the same.... I'd recommend Mark to my friends and friends and already have, both before and after I closed on my lovely home. I'd tried several agents and Mark far surpassed them all as far as the research he put in, attentiveness to my preferences, advice, follow-up, and steadfast guidance via emails, phone, or face to face. From the get-go Mark was very attuned to the level of information I wanted and needed and proactively offered it "FYI". He was steadfast "doing his homework" on the latest articles and market trends as personalized to my own positioning.... Mark is extremely personable, available, and straightforward about offering his honest perspective on a given property and the ever shifting direction of the market. From the get-go of my home search -which stretched for months- he was quick to learn and apply my home preference likes and dislikes down to the last detail. His attitude was ever positive and upbeat, yet realistic. In a nutshell, hat sets Mark aside is his genuine interest in your interests coupled with a daily account of property availability and market demand. This unwavering attention to detail and being "on it" helped narrow and fine tune the properties he hand-selected to send me via his weekly email updates, prepping for that weekends open house based on the Tuesday broker tours and other sources. In the end, it all came to fruition in the best property I've ever owned, and one I wouldn't have found on my own. Despite Mark's hectic schedule he was always responsive -and proactively so- in communicating and willing to make himself available to check out a list minute property or arrange for document drop-offs, etc. Mark Peschel takes his job and the relationships with his clients very seriously which manifests in the results he consistently achieves and the high satisfaction of his clients, including me. He's among if not the best out there.

Chu S.

Mark has been both a great buyer's agent and a great mentor for the insane real estate in San Francisco. He knows his ins and outs and will help you step by step in gathering everything and making important decisions in buying a place. I was fortunate enough to work with him and his real estate partner (Jeremy Burnett) as my agents to purchase my first home. They were both patient and brought to my attention all the crucial detail about multiple properties, what to look for, important information, how to be aggressive, etc etc. They were both active in communication and super responsive. All the advice that he provided has definitely helped me secure my first home.

Eileen P.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable with regards to the San Francisco real estate market. He lives in the city and has been in the business for quite a while. Mark knows lots of people, places and things!Here is a brief story of our house hunt with Mark in San Francisco. Several years after moving back east for family reasons, an opportunity made it possible for us to move back to San Francisco. We were in communication with Mark via email etc. long before we actually moved. Once our home sold, my husband and I moved to San Francisco. Mark and I were out looking at houses right away. We had a couple near misses but through all of it Mark knew who to contact, what could be done, where to go from here, and had the patience to start over and continue. He not only knows the market he knows people.He found a Victorian in great condition (single family with in-law) that was within our budget in a wonderful location!He provided a list of trades people he has done business with - painters, plumbers, tilers, floor re-finishers, gardeners etc.After all if one lives in an 1892 Victorian, one needs people to call!!! Mark knows San Francisco, he knows the real estate business, and has lots of patience. He is the one to call if you are looking for a home here in San Francisco!!

Jason C.

Mark was referred to us from friends who he had helped get their first house. He was patient and informative, even taking extra time to break down the different scenarios for what to expect. As first time home buyers, (in San Francisco no less!) we were on a steep learning curve. Mark was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining each step along the way. After 9 months of looking, we are in a home we couldn't be happier in and credit Mark's knowledge and patience with helping us along the way. He should "specialize" in helping first time home owners find their way home!

Alexander I.

I think a lot of people, especially in San Francisco, have a negative view of real estate agents. They can be seen as people who earn a high commission for relatively little work. I'm sure there are real estate agents like that here, but Mark Peschel is not one of them. We definitely made him work for his money, so much so that we thought he might drop us, because we were so particular and looking back, incredibly naive, about the whole process of home-buying here in SF. We were first time home buyers and total greenhorns in every subject of a real-estate transaction.
Mark was always very patient in explaining the many details we didn't understand. Although he had plenty of reasons to become impatient because we made a number of mistakes by not listening to him. For example:
- Mark recommended a certain district, but we kept looking in other areas. (We are now very happy in the area he suggested).
- Mark suggested a different mortgage broker, but we kept using our own. (In the end, his broker got us a much better rate).
- Mark advocated bidding on less popular houses, but we continued with offers on properties that received multiple offers & resulted in overbids.
All in all it took more than 10+ offers and 15 long months to find our new home. During this time Mark provided us with selected listings almost every weekend, wrote numerous offers (two of them while he was on vacation) and didn't even give up on us when we backed out of a winning bid.
We finally succeeded in finding a detached, single family home with garage and garden, in a wonderful neighborhood in San Francisco, the one Mark recommended at the very beginning. We got a house that needed minor upgrades, is a perfect fit for us as a family and we used the Mortgage Broker he recommended. Truly, we couldn't be happier with our new home and the service we received through Mark.
Thank you, Mark Peschel, for your patience and hard work.

David F.

We love our house and I would recommend Mark in a heartbeat! Mark was referred to us by a friend who raved about him and we couldn't have been happier with him as our agent. As first time home buyers, and purchasing a short sale, Mark did an excellent job and was extremely detailed oriented throughout the entire process. He was extremely thorough with his communications with us and always kept us up to speed throughout the process.

Akie H.

Mark has helped me purchased an apartment and a house in the past 7 years. He has been above and beyond. For both of my purchases, Mark went to talk to other agents and found perfect ones for me. I felt lucky not to go into a crazy bidding war in this market. The second purchase, we were in San Diego during thanksgiving and Mark helped us 'virtual tour' and put an offer letter together while we were away.

With being a first time homeowner, my husband and I had no idea about how to go about fixing old SF houses. He gave us so many great contacts and letting us know what is normal in the SF market. We unfortunately had a leak the first week of the purchase (Christmas Eve!) and he helped us get a roof person to patch it and walked us through with a long term plan.

With SF, there is a lot of local rules. He is knowledgeable yet will not push you to do anything you're not comfortable with. He genuinely cares about your happiness with the purchase.

I've learned a lot from him and I'm definitely going to ask him to help me sell/buy houses in the future.
Thank you Mark!

Inke N.

With Mark Peschel's help we were able to score a beautiful home, perfect for our little family this May. The housing market is off the charts competitive in San Francisco, yet Mark patiently navigated our requests, wishes, naive questions and all that comes with being a first time buyer. Mark goes the extra mile, which became even more apparent after we had won the offer. Navigating Escrow and working along side his recommended mortgage broker Darik Heaney, we had the winning team to pull together the financial side of things and get us approved in a responsible manner. We're not the "typical" SF homebuyer client, since we own a small business and owning in SF seemed more and more unattainable. Basically, in Mark you'll find a person who truly cares about you, is fun and friendly to work with, and a great collaborator on your adventure to finding a home. His superpower is to stay super relaxed when it gets stressful, he's responsive, extremely knowledgable and easy to work with!

Caitlin S.

Mark helped my fiance and I buy our first home in San Francisco this year and we can't recommend him highly enough. He was SO responsive, patient and helpful, and took the time to explain each step of the process to us in detail so we felt comfortable and informed the entire journey. He found us an amazing home in our top choice neighborhood before it came on the market, so we could avoid a bidding war in this crazy market. Thank you Mark!!!

Mandana D L

Both my husband and I have worked with Mark multiple times, purchasing & selling properties with him. Mark is very knowledgeable about real estate in San Francisco, but most importantly what we appreciate about Mark is his genuine approach to business and the fact that he has his client's best interest in mind. He is patient and a good listener and always gives valuable advice while not being pushy. We trust Mark and his judgment when it comes to real estate, and we love the fact that he makes every transaction seamless. I would recommend Mark over and over again.